Really extensible

Based on plugins, you choose only what you need, or you can create your owns.

Compliant with standards

We only use industry's best-practices.

Accessible and documented

Public API helps to focus on business parts, not on technical ones.

Stable and performant

Unit test and benchamrks got our back, and all quality informations are made public.

Your time is precious

Don't waste it

CQELight take care of connecting all your technical stuff to help developers focus on what really matters. You don't have to loose time tweaking it (altough you can dot it if you want).

Trust us ... or take control

It's your choice ! CQELight let you easily use complex tools while leaving you in control, without blocking your productivity for advanced cases.

Quickly create quality code

CQELight is provided with unit testing tools to allow you to ensure that your code fit your quality needs.

Always up-to-date

We enforce ourselves to follow recommandation and lifecycle of the solutions we use. That's why we propose only .NET Standard 2.0 packages, and we update our dependencies every month.

Support for every need

We provided free support on community systems like GitHub or StackOverflow. And if you need commercial support, we're able to assist you for your bigger projects.

Install with dotnet CLI (.NET Core)

Simple as 'Hello World!'...


  • dotnet add package CQELight

Install with NuGet

Launch your favorite IDE and search for package 'CQELight' to add it to your project.

Or you can just go here to download it.